Can You Feel it?

Let’s talk about texture. Texture is everywhere… especially in hair. Us as girls can never get enough height in the hair. Joanna, here at Elements of Style, is providing Lynzi with a heightening, texturizing service. This is used after blow drying your hair. And don’t forget the Iron Shape 11 heat protectant! The Iron Joanna is using may just look like a simple straightener… but in fact its a special texturizing Iron that “crimps” the hair.  Taking horizontal sections, leave the iron on for 3-5 SECONDS! Any more time will burn the hair! Joanna is just demonstrating the root texture but you can do sections down to the ends. Now ladies, lets get to texturizing!


Spring is in the Hair

Spring 2017 is just around the corner and we have been getting more excited with this tease of warm weather we have been having also. Trends never go out of style, they always make they’re way back around but in a more modern way. Some of our favorite hair color trends or hairstyle trends have stuck around forever and some, well let’s just say they didn’t stick it there. The Balayge is coloring technique will be one to never go out of style. It just keeps getting better and better! When the seasons change so must your hair. Maybe consider some warm caramel tones to add to your boring brown or even just add a pop of color to accent your blonde to create dimensional locks. There’s a trend out there for everyone this year ranging from blondes to brunettes and even red heads.

The biggest one that will take people by surprise is the new hair trend “Blorange” some may think instantly “EW, who wants blue and orange hair?” It’s actually quite subtle and can add sweet peachy hues to blondes and brunettes. Couldn’t be more pretty for Spring. Another one for the books that never dies down is the “Bronde”. This color is so unique, adding sparkles of blonde in the light and depth and shadows in the dark. It’s having the best of both and if you can’t decide between wanting to be blonde or brunette, you can do both. If you’re a red head, you might want to consider dipping your locks into come honey and call it Honest Strawberry. This is a sweet color that is so warm and fun. It’ll add a flow to your skin even if your don’t tan. It has great reflect on the light and it’s a total show stopper. If you’re feeling like going natural and you’re done covering up that grey that you get every month, it might be time to embrace it. This grey trend will have you feeling fearless and bold. Take it tot he next level if you’re used to being platinum or add a subtle accent of light color to create a natural dimensional grey.

Over the years, colors have become less bold and more blended. “A better blend” is a trend the naturally everyone wants whether it’s a blonde with a subtle Balayge or a brunettes with caramel balayge. These colors mostly have deeper roots and lots of dimension. The purpose is to not see where the color starts or ends. It’s truly whimsical!


Shape up with Iron Shape 11

who likes heat? No, I’m not just talking about the weather. Do you like blow drying your hair? Straightening or curling? When Straightening or curling, do you watch the steam come off the iron before you let go? some people believe that the longer you hold the straightener or curling iron on your hair the longer the style will stay. False!

Not everyone knows about the importance of a heat protectant. Not all protectants are the same but Redken came out with a product that is amazing for all hair types. The Iron Shape 11 has multiple benefits. This heat protectant helps with the overall shine of your hair,  it can be put on wet or dry hair and has a “No feel” medium hold. this just means that it still has playability with flexibility. It doesn’t weigh down the hair to the point where the volume is invisible. This heat protectant protects up to 450 degrees. Iron Shapes restyling technology helps if you need that touch up during the day. Going out on the town? Go from straight to curly for that day to night look.

Okay, you have to shake it…. and shake it well. This ensures that all the ingredients are well mixed before use. It also makes sire that the application is more even. Again, mist it on damp or dry hair. Then blow dry…. if you hair is damp. This will keep the hair protected from the blow dryer as well as the curling iron or straightener. The  style as normal.

Now that your hair is styled to your liking…. Go have some fun!


Spring is in the Hair

Now, some of you are probably wondering what else could possibly be another trend setter this season. Because as you know we have had about all of them! I have to admit, 2016 was filled with many show stopping styles and hair trends. Some very fun, bold styles; others had us saying and thinking “What in the world?!” But, needless to say whether we loved them or we weren’t so head over heals for, it’s another one to mark down in our fashion iconic history.

New York Fashion week showed some amazing Spring fashion trends that we can all look forward to seeing this upcoming season. Some big designers like tom Ford, Ralph Lauren, and Tommy Hilfiger had similar trends of bright colors and stripes. Even some trends from last season stuck around. We can see some of these in Magazines such as Vogue, Nstyle, and on our TV. In fact, the perfect time looking through magazines or during consultations you have with your stylist. We are all inspired by Pinterest, Instagram and many more social media accounts out there. Aside from all the fashion and bold outspoken looks, there’s always a crown that goes on top; it’s like the cherry on top of the cake and that’s your hair!

2016 was an amazing year filled with many big hair color trends like the Balayage technique, color melts, rose gold, silver, and mermaid hair. How could we possibly come up with something better? Don’t get too excited but most of these trends are sticking around. But there has been ‘talk about’ a new spring/summer trend called Blorange. This is where blonde meets orange. This is going to be a must by popular demand being as some fan favorite celebrities have taken this trend over. Including Gigi Hadid and Rosie Huntington. it is said to capture natural hues within your existing hair color and enhance it. Baby lights were introduced to us last season as well. It’s very popular on blondes. Blondes hair will never go out of style and we all know the saying “blondes have more fun” whether we are born a blonde or not, blonde trends get bolder every year. We have Bronde to look forward too this Spring as well. Bronde is described as not quite blonde and not quite brown. This is a perfect combination for brunette and blonde so if you are on the fence on what to try this Spring, Bronde just might be your next go-to hair trend. So share, look and post new styles that you love so that the following world can enjoy.


Beachy Breeze

Beachy breeze

Love those beach curls? Well it’s almost beach wave time. Let’s get those loose curls with just a couple quick tips.

Let’s start with dry hair to accomplish a quick blow dry, I recommend using the pillow proof blow dry express primer. This primer will help speed up blow dry times as while creating a smooth canvas for other products. Once the hair is completely dry, spray iron shape 11 all over the hair in order to protect the hair from heat damage. Split the hair in vertical 1 inch sections, the wider the section the looser the curl. Using a 1 inch curling iron, curl each section separately. Curling away from the face. You can choose any size curling iron but most of us use a 1 inch curling iron. This gives you the size curl that is nice and elegant but also stays in when you go from day to night. Ladies, when curling, leave those ends alone. Let them stick out from the curling iron. This gives the overall look of a tasseled, playful feel. Finishing off the tasseled look with some hairspray will do the trick. Before running your fingers through your hair, spray hairspray all over. We recommend Forceful 23 by Redken. The more hairspray the more the playfulness goes away. Now it’s time to pull those curls out. No we aren’t making your hair normal again. We are going to run our fingers through the hair to get an overall look. But first take a splash of Glow Dry by Redken to help with frizz. This will leave the hair hydrated and soft to the touch. Last, we are going to use wax blast by Redken to help create separation in the curls to give that true “By the sea” texture. Now that the look is finished let’s get out of the house and do something fun!