Clean Maniac is My Middle Name

Well lets all take a second to welcome Clean Maniac to the new Redken line. One word to describe this product?…. AMAZING!

Imagine this…  you have just jumped out of the shower washing your hair with another Redken or Purology product, of course, and you towel dry your hair and put the rest of your products( mousse, gel, heat protectant, etc.) and blow dry… then you go on with your day and if you are anything like me…. those products get all gunked up in your hair. Then you have to wash your hair the next day… which can be bad for your hair. Problem solved, the clean maniac is an everyday shampoo that cleanses the hair without damaging. Great for color treated hair, the product junkies, and even the people that just hate washing their hair everyday.

This everyday shampoo uses the micellar technology which leaves the hair squeaky clean.

Gym goers, on the go workers, and even stay at homers…. you will love this product. The shampoo and condition combination kicks butt!


Sunflowers in Your Hair and Honey Butter on Your Feet

Farm House Fresh keeps surprising us all with the new products they are creating. New Organic lines are the hot topic this summer, and Farm House Fresh never disappoints. The new Sunflower Honey Butter is top notch!  Its an intensive repair and hydrator. But guess what?? It is ORGANIC! what???

Bee nurtured! the creamy honey butter made from organic honey is whipped from golden honey and glistening organic sunflower seed oil for the smooth skin feel everyone is looking for this summer. No one and I repeat no one wants dry ashy skin this summer. Containing Vitamin A, E, and B for the quick relief that everyone needs.

There is no catch to this product either! No synthetic herbicides, pesticides, and genetically modified organisms (GMO’s). So we all know that this is really organic and they aren’t just saying that.

Lets get down to business and get those legs, arms or body smooth and shiny for the summer. You will love the summer glow without even touching the sun. Ill just say it in advance… You’re Welcome and Enjoy!


Sorry, I Can’t Hear You Over the Volume of My Hair

CALLING ALL BLOWDRY FANATICS!!!!!! Pillow Proof Spray-Blow Dry Primer is restocked. Haven’t hear of it? WHAT? This is the perfect product for you if you love the volume and smoothness of a blow dried look, a faster blow dry,  and an even base for other products.

Who has fine hair but a lot of it? Color treated hair? oh, I know, how about course hair that is untamable to the point where you start blow drying, and realize that its just making it fluffy, so you stop? Been there done that.  How about the person who wants that finished look every time they walk out of the house? Hey, guess what… this primer is great for all hair types. The curly, kinky, straight, and fine. But you cant forget about the heat. The blow drier does get a little steamy when actually blow drying the wet hair to dry. The Primer helps protect the hair to up to 450 degrees. The protectant will help keep the hair nice and healthy between hair cuts. Those long dead ends will eventually be a thing of the past. The new technology that they are coming out with for hair products is astounding. This primer actually  repairs the hair from the inside out making the hair 3 times stronger.

How to apply? I thought you would never ask. Hop out of the shower. Towel dry your hair. Grab the primer spray. Shake it well. Now spray. Simple. Then just blow dry as normal. You will not believe the difference.

Who’s ready? Blow dry away!