Clean Maniac is My Middle Name

Well lets all take a second to welcome Clean Maniac to the new Redken line. One word to describe this product?…. AMAZING!

Imagine this…  you have just jumped out of the shower washing your hair with another Redken or Purology product, of course, and you towel dry your hair and put the rest of your products( mousse, gel, heat protectant, etc.) and blow dry… then you go on with your day and if you are anything like me…. those products get all gunked up in your hair. Then you have to wash your hair the next day… which can be bad for your hair. Problem solved, the clean maniac is an everyday shampoo that cleanses the hair without damaging. Great for color treated hair, the product junkies, and even the people that just hate washing their hair everyday.

This everyday shampoo uses the micellar technology which leaves the hair squeaky clean.

Gym goers, on the go workers, and even stay at homers…. you will love this product. The shampoo and condition combination kicks butt!


Sunflowers in Your Hair and Honey Butter on Your Feet

Farm House Fresh keeps surprising us all with the new products they are creating. New Organic lines are the hot topic this summer, and Farm House Fresh never disappoints. The new Sunflower Honey Butter is top notch!  Its an intensive repair and hydrator. But guess what?? It is ORGANIC! what???

Bee nurtured! the creamy honey butter made from organic honey is whipped from golden honey and glistening organic sunflower seed oil for the smooth skin feel everyone is looking for this summer. No one and I repeat no one wants dry ashy skin this summer. Containing Vitamin A, E, and B for the quick relief that everyone needs.

There is no catch to this product either! No synthetic herbicides, pesticides, and genetically modified organisms (GMO’s). So we all know that this is really organic and they aren’t just saying that.

Lets get down to business and get those legs, arms or body smooth and shiny for the summer. You will love the summer glow without even touching the sun. Ill just say it in advance… You’re Welcome and Enjoy!


Sorry, I Can’t Hear You Over the Volume of My Hair

CALLING ALL BLOWDRY FANATICS!!!!!! Pillow Proof Spray-Blow Dry Primer is restocked. Haven’t hear of it? WHAT? This is the perfect product for you if you love the volume and smoothness of a blow dried look, a faster blow dry,  and an even base for other products.

Who has fine hair but a lot of it? Color treated hair? oh, I know, how about course hair that is untamable to the point where you start blow drying, and realize that its just making it fluffy, so you stop? Been there done that.  How about the person who wants that finished look every time they walk out of the house? Hey, guess what… this primer is great for all hair types. The curly, kinky, straight, and fine. But you cant forget about the heat. The blow drier does get a little steamy when actually blow drying the wet hair to dry. The Primer helps protect the hair to up to 450 degrees. The protectant will help keep the hair nice and healthy between hair cuts. Those long dead ends will eventually be a thing of the past. The new technology that they are coming out with for hair products is astounding. This primer actually  repairs the hair from the inside out making the hair 3 times stronger.

How to apply? I thought you would never ask. Hop out of the shower. Towel dry your hair. Grab the primer spray. Shake it well. Now spray. Simple. Then just blow dry as normal. You will not believe the difference.

Who’s ready? Blow dry away!




Who is Ready for Summer?

By: Samantha Swecker

Who is looking for a hot, trendy, new summer style? Whether it’s a hair cut that’s daring… or just a new style for the day? So What’s New?

The soft easy beach wave is the trendy style that has been around for a couple months now. This style is great for long flowy hair or even medium length hair with an angle. Everyone with a 1 or even a 1/2 inch curling iron can achieve this style quite simply. Curl the hair, keeping a loose grip on the hair, holding the ends out of the curling iron. This leaves the hair smooth to the touch but wavy like you just got out of the ocean.

Speaking of the beach, Braids are a perfect way to stay with the summer styles but keep your hair out of your face. Any and all braids are fun, stylish, and never go out of style. The side fish tail braids, the braided headband, a loose French braid or the knot braid will always keep you looking trendy.

Hold up, let’s go back to knots. Who has ever seen someone with the simple and trendy top knot? We all think the same thing… that would never look great on me, but it’s cute on her. Toss those thoughts out the window. Top knots, if done right, are cute and trendy on every girl. Okay, the top knot is super easy. The top half of the hair needs to be separated from the bottom. Do a loose messy bun, with the top of the hair. Pull some pieces ( not fully out) to loosen it up. This gives you the messy look but keeping it stylish. Great for a girls night out, a day out on the town, or even, believe it or not, great for the gym.

Fun Fact- its Lauren Conrads favorite hair style. Spice the messy look up with a braid or make it a double bun. Its fun just to try.

Last but not least, the daring pixie cut. This may be a dramatic change to most but a must have if you are sick of the long hair. This is a great wash and go style for the girls on the go. But that girl that everyone wants to be this summer is going to be you with these must haves.




Stop, Freeze, Relax

by: Laura Koontz

It’s something I can talk to anyone about, anytime, anywhere. I can be at a wedding, at the grocery store, or talking outside with my neighbors. I joke with people that either

A) Need to buy stock in the company

B) Need to get in contact with upper management about getting paid for advertisement

Because I am that: A walking advertisement. and my personal and professional obsession, you ask? Biofreeze.

Biofreeze is a product that can be used on the whole family for so many different reasons. Wake up in the morning with a stiff neck? Biofreeze. Twinge your knee in a intense game of adult slow pitch softball? Biofreeze. Biofreeze is a gel that you massage or roll on to your problem area and within a few minutes you will feel a cooling sensation that gets down deep into the muscle to relieve the pain.

At the salon, we carry the professional biofreeze, unlike what you can find at any drugstore. The professional biofreeze has two wonderful benefits…

  1. it last longer than the original biofreeze, up to two times longer
  2. It has less of a menthol scent which can be great for those of us who are sensitive to smells.

so after this blog, I guess I am more than a walking advertisement for Biofreeze, I am total free advertisement. You’re welcome, guys. You know where to find me!



Farm House Fresh has done it again!

by: Marcela Ridgely

Farm house Fresh has done it again! Not only are these products some of their newest but they are already proving to be out top sellers.

I can not tell you how much I love one of our newest masks, Guac star. With allergy season here and summer creeping up, this soothing and skin quenching mask is a much have for the season. Not only has it relieved my puffy, itchy, allergy skin, it also provides instant relief for the delicate skin around the eyes. Keep this mask in the fridge if you want an even better result for puffy eyes or for chilled after sun relief. This super hydrating and soothing mask is made with Avocado butter, oil, and extract to protect the skin from environmental stress, like pollen and sun. Avocado’s smorgasbord of vitamins B5, B6, K, E, and C will leave your skin refreshed all day long. Did I mention, all the ingredients are powerful antioxidants to fight the signs of aging.

If you are already familiar with our Honey Heel Glaze, then you are sure to love the newest all over body intensive repair and hydration product. Sunflower Honey Butter. It comes in a reusable, quilted glass jar with a brush and is made with all organic honey and sunflower seed oil. It penetrates quickly with vitamins A, E, and B to nourish even the driest skins. Here’s a little insider pro tip: apply this to your lips to instantly reveal smoother softer skin! This product is one of many 100% all organic skin products that Farm House carries.

Have you wanted to try our Shea Butter Creams but can’t  decide on a flavor? Your wish has been granted! Skin saviors 3 piece Shea Butter Sampler is the way to go. This trio of our best-selling shea butters is ready to quench dry skin. Included in this set: Whoopie! cream (Scented like fresh baked whoopee pies), Rainbow Road ( Scented with coconut and Bartlett pears), and Fluffy Bunny ( a light lavender mint julep). All Farm House Fresh shea butter creams have vitamin E and are packed with jojoba and Soybean oils. No worries though, a greasy feel is NOT included with these scrumptious creams! Also, the perfect size to keep in your purse, for travel or to store in your glove box.

We are excited to carry these newest creations by Farm House Fresh. Stop in before they fly off our shelves. Doesn’t your skin deserve only the most natural and best ingredients there are? These yummy creations are like dessert with none of the calories!


Bio the way

By: Brooklyn Carter

It’s May! Which means we are just one step closer to summer. The flowers are finally blooming after those April showers and the pollutants and pollen are even heavier. Its time to take care of all of that. Luckily, we have a wide variety of Bioelements Products to put a jump start on your summer skin regimen.

Bioelements has been around since 1991, individualizing formulas to treat the skin, not mask it. At the beginning and the end of the day, you should be using a cleanser to wash away any dirt, makeup or other impurities. You will find that Flash Foam cleanser will do just that. The most fantastic part of this gentle exfoliant is that it only requires one pump per use. Just imagine just how many days you could get out of just one bottle. Flash foam contains Pumpkin, papaya and pineapple extracts taking control of those flakes; leaving the skin soft and smooth with that breathe taking refreshment. How many products do you know that are only one step for all skin types? Not many, but simple to apply. Apply to wet skin, massage over the face and neck and finally rinse. See I told you, simple.

It’s important to follow up with a toner after cleansing. The equalizer is just the product for you. (Not for sensitive skin) This hydrating toner is infused with rose oil and designed to rebalance and nourish the skin which leaves it feeling refreshed, prepping it for the next product. Just remember that if you have sensitive skin, this is not good for your skin. We do have a sensitive a skin line through Bioelements. The Equalizer will not dry out the skin. This product is a spray, spritz it all over the face and neck, massage it in, then apply the next product.

The next product and the last product to finish up your new skincare routine is the Raydefense. Raydefense is one of Bioelements UVA/UVB SPF 30 moisturizers that provides protection for active lifestyles and anyone exposed to the sun. Using this lightweight and hydrating cream will help fight the risk of skin cancer and the early signs of aging. Great and safe to put under the freshly applied makeup that way you are protected all day.

Its amazing what only 3 products can do for your skin and you will surely be amazed when you put the power of these 3, together! All of the products mentioned are also Bioelements best sellers, being Sold at Elements of Style Salon and Day Spa… Come in and see what works best for your skin.